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for those of you who know me but rob does, this where is my family began. i'm sure that many in washington know that rob -- they know rob as a defendant analyst of the middle east, an extraordinarily creative executive director of this august organization, but not as many know that rob is a pretty darn good matchmaker. back in 1959-96 i was a fellow as rob mentioned and i married one of the research associates that was was there and we have been have ever since then and i think there's five or six washington institute couples in defying the odds none have resulted in divorce. so you have done an excellent job. >> they call me the sung young moon. >> i was trying to figure out what the other word is for -- but i decided not do it. but for those reasons, both the beginning of my career and i'm forever indebted to rob and his organization. it's also wonderful to have been awarded this terrific -- the gold medal, wreck nix from the institute for my work is truly an honor and, rob, i than to thank martin craner who did an unbelievable job in administering the award. and before i get into the is
of power. i'll stop there. >> rob, do you want to kick that went off? >> i have a couple thoughts. this is also connected to another slippery ice pick to the argument. if on the one hand -- if on the one hand people -- islamists it will people of faith, everyone on the other side are liberals. i don't believe i ever use that term in anything i say. the opposite of islamists is not islamists. there's a huge spectrum of people who will run into the streets because they are like the kia network, not at what their life is going to be like under islamists will. they go from radical communists on one hand to western oriented liberals on the other. and indeed, many people of faith, millions of people of faith. five times a day, praying the psalms as opposed to many people who are the ham and cheese eating muslims. they are all fair. i see the natural audience is. it's everyone has a posted a totalitarian agenda of the muslim brotherhood. and due to your. this is where the friendly debate between my partner and i disagree, but a truly free and fair elections where there's a level playing
a mentor on "american idol." the final person is rob friedman. come on now. [applause] he's the cochairman of lions gate and producer of governor schwarzenegger's latest. but a long career in industry, chief operating officer of paramount and created some entertainment, where he created the twilight series. he's also very, very good in the special olympics movement with a pile of folders from the special olympics coordinating. without further ado, thank you so much for coming. we will get rolling. [applause] the topic of the panelists innovation they think the entertainment industry at this moment is sometimes seen not just as a source of innovation, it's in the way filmmaking change the resolution but also sometimes the bad and i think there's a studio system has great success as one of the big top-down story sometimes it industries. grapevines like the figuring things out any moment when the media environment is disrupted by kids that buy phones for u2. i will throw this on to you first cannot you navigate the transformation. >> first of all, anyone who's buying our product, anyone who's
africa was a nice collection of mrs. booker rob continue to carry at attacks in nigeria from exporting agreements in northern nature as to when recruits and public sympathy. the number and sophistication is increasing and while the group focuses on nigerian issues that are scum at every port is developing financial with other extremists and rushes to operate on a bigger stage. at this point i need to make something of a detour because while nonstate actors such as al qaeda remain at the top of our prior to this, witnessed resurgence of state sponsorship of terrorism as well, session in a dangerous and destabilizing activities of the iranian regime, which it is done through the iranian revolutionary guard -- iranian revolutionary guard corps is in tehran's ally, hezbollah. in addition to the critical support the quds force has provided for the assad regime over the past year has been iranian backed terrorism. in fact hezbollah's activities reached a tempo unseat since the 1990s of the tax funded in southeast asia, europe and africa and it appears the group has carried out an attack abou
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4